Monday, May 18, 2009

Attacks Against America

Do you get tons of emails about problems in America?

Do they say that President Obama is no good for one reason or another?

Do they say that In God We Trust is taken off of the money?

Do they cut our countries leaders down?

Do you get offers from people who have millions of dollars to get away if you just let them put the money in your bank account?

Do they sell drugs that will make you more of a man and make your wife happier?

Do they say that they want to date you and you should either respond or call?

Do they say that your bank, credit card, or paypal accounts have a problem and you need to contact them immediately?

These are all attacks against every part of our country. I'm getting sick of hearing how President Obama is messing things up when he is actually the president who inherited a huge mess and is the first president in years who is trying to get our country back on a straight line. There may be some truth to these emails, but the emails are being twisted and twisted some more just to make our country break apart. I get these emails in chain letters that make false claims that are very carefully crafted to sound totally legitimate. If we keep sending these chain letters, we are part of the problem and we are making more problems for our president who is working very hard to get our country back on it's feet.

I'm sick of receiving of Viagra, Cialis Ads telling me how my life would be better if I took their product. They don't know if I'm ten years or a hundred, yet your kids emails are being filled with this stuff to take drugs and get a bigger erection. These ads are illegal under spamming laws, yet they get away with it because it's offshore companies selling you these products, and at the same time, the suppliers of products to these off shore companies are never penalized

The credit card, bank accounts and paypal would not send you emails to check with them immediately, "Click Here" to resolve the problem. These are emails that are trying to steal from you. They want your bank account numbers, credit card numbers and paypal numbers so that they can take everything that you have. Many of these emails are coming from Nigeria, but some from Russia and really every country in the world because they have found out how to steal everything that you have.

Constantly we receive emails that tell us things that we can do nothing about. We are getting blogs, just the ones that I used to write that are nothing but gossip that is professionally crafted to cause stress and distrust in our government. We are being taken down from within by the worlds most powerful communication source, the Internet.

Be Aware Because All of These Things Are Happening and we are being Attacked from Within.

This is my last blog on these subjects because I don't want to be part of the problem of attacking our country. When people send me blogs I'm going to delete them. There is nothing that you can do anyway and most of it is a lie too.

We seem to be living on lies and propagating these same lies and all it causes is stress.

We need to stop this NOW.

C. Jeff Dyrek

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